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Our vision for our Mobile Intensive Schools is to help equip your church or ministry to fulfill your vision. These schools are like a blast of empowerment and wisdom to help you develop strong foundations and extend God’s Kingdom.

Mobile Intensive Schools are Holy Fire Ministry Training School coming to your local church or ministry. Holy Fire Ministry Training School has a 10 year proven track record of lives that have been empowered and changed through God’s Word and Spirit.

Our Mobile Intensive Schools are a weekend school that will cover an eight week subject in a weekend. Students who successfully complete the subject will also be able to earn credits toward our main school. But more importantly is the impact and investment that will occur in your ministry. We are here to support you.


Aim: 7-12 students

Proposed Format: 

Session 1: Friday Evening (7-9pm)
Session 2: Saturday Morning (9-10:30am)
Session 3: Saturday Morning (11-12noon)
Session 4: Saturday (6:30-8:00pm)
Session 5: Saturday (8:30-9:30pm)
Session 6: Sunday (6:00-8:00pm)

Cost: $100 per student; discounts for over 12 students.

Teachers: Each subject will have different teachers or a combination of teachers. Marty Mitchell, Glen Gerhauser and Ram Marrero are our main teachers for our MIS.

We have about 21 subjects to offer (see our prospectus for details). Though, we recommend first starting with foundational subjects and building on these subjects in future intensives.

Recommended Subjects:

Apostolic Foundations: Deep Roots for Fruitful Living
Invasion of Light: Discovering God’s Glory through Creation
Beholding the Glory: The Ministry of Worship
Enjoying God’s Word: Art & Science of Interpreting Scripture
Revolutionary Discipleship: Developing a Discipleship Ministry
The Way of the Shepherd: Developing a Culture of Servanthood and Leadership
Revival & Its History: Discovering Past Revivals to Inspire Revival Today
Spiritual Formation: Formed to Spread God’s Fire
The Life & Heart of David: Becoming a Davidic People
Knowing God and His Ways: The Greatest Treasure

Please contact Marty Mitchell for details 0410 583 295, marty@prbc.org.au or contact our office on (07) 3107 2707 or school@holy-fire.com. Please leave a message if unavailable. You can also register interest below:

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